Family New Year’s Resolutions


family, new years, resolutions

With less than a day remaining in 2013, our minds begin to turn to what the New Year will hold for both ourselves and our families.

In other words, it is New Year’s resolution time once again.

While most people focus on either individual or professional resolutions, it is just as important to focus on what may benefit the entire family and what the family as a whole would like to accomplish throughout the next year.

This may seem like a daunting task, trying to make a resolution or a set of resolutions that would apply to the entire family. But it really is quite simple. The idea is to change focus from viewing a family as a collection of individual interests to looking at the family as a unit in and of itself. The family being seen as its own person, with its own needs and desires. To help gain some perspective in viewing family in this way, below are just a few examples of some family resolutions:

1. To eat dinner all together at least one night a week. (The family need is togetherness and connection.)
2. To engage in an outdoor activity all together at least once a week. (The family need is energy and shared experiences.)
3. For each member to spend one-on-one time with every other member at least once a week. (The family need is interconnectedness and closeness.)

Notice that all three of the examples were very simple, with modest expectations that were measurable. After a month or six months a family can look back at the resolutions and easily determine how they are doing and where they need to improve. Having a simple and modest goal is extremely important in how the resolutions are viewed and how they are put into practice.

A resolution is not something to set and then beat oneself up over throughout the year. A good resolution should be one that increases the likelihood of the desired activity and that sets the stage for success.

So have fun as a family and be creative! Get everyone’s input (even the littlest ones), no matter how simple the idea or from whom it comes, put them all on a list and begin to make some memories!

Thanks for reading, and be well! (Wait, does that sound like Walgreen’s motto?)


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