Resolve to Dissolve – Part Duex

depression, anxiety, mindfulness, resolutions

Okra bloom. (Self)

I have been thinking more about the concept of setting resolutions. Resolutions can be, and often are, very useful in helping us attain certain goals.

But I have one problem with them: they tend to be forward thinking.

And this is why I believe that to be a problem. It can encourage us to live for tomorrow. To change our focus from the present to when when x, y, and z happen or when our circumstances change. Not that forward, future orienting thinking is bad, but if that is all we focus on, we will end up missing today.

Take the above photo for example. It’s a bloom on an okra plant. If we think only that it will just be okra one day, we may miss its beauty today. Both the flower and the okra are wonderful, but we tend to focus on the fruit (or vegetable as the case may be) at the end of the process, instead of appreciating the bloom along the way.

Here is where dissolving comes in again. Perhaps instead of setting resolutions that guide us towards the future, we could resolve to be present in every moment we have before us. In essence, dissolving our selves into the experience of our lives as the are at this moment.

The basic concept is that of mindfulness, being fully present in our present experience, allowing all our judgments and “shoulds” and “should nots” dissolve away into authentic appreciation and acknowledgment of the moment we have before us.

Mindfulness might warrant a post (or two) on it’s own. So I will leave you with this: experiment for at least 5 minutes today, allowing all judgments to dissolve away and just experience the moment before you.

Thanks for reading, and be well!


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