Love, True Love, Will Follow You Forever…

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Snuggles are a part of true love.

Okay, so raise your hand if you recognize the quote from the title.

Yup, if you thought of the priest from The Princess Bride, you are correct!

It’s one of the lines that will stick with me…forever and ever…he he he.

However silly it may sounds, we do often wonder if true love can follow us forever. We wonder if true love is even possible at times, and if it is, what would it look like and feel like?

In an effort to over simplify a somewhat complicated topic, I am going to say that yes, true love can follow a couple forever. That being said, I need to explore a little bit about what I think “true love” really entails.

First off, the “in love” feeling that typifies the early parts of a relationships will wax and wane throughout a lifetime. It does not mean, however, that the couple is literally falling in and out of love all the time. It is simply a natural relationship cycle.

True love CAN follow a couple forever via this natural relationship cycle. It is definitely possible, but it often does not feel or look like the love that is portrayed in books and film. “True love” takes many forms and often entails a variety of feelings.

Sometimes it is passion. Sometimes it takes the form of commitment, or dedication. Other times it takes the form of service and friendship. They are all elements of true love even though they look and behave very differently. These elements make up the cycle of true love that supports a couple throughout their life time.

So enjoy the “in love” part of the cycle, just as you enjoy deep commitment and friendship. They are all parts of true love and are help to ensure that a relationship can stand the test of time.

Thanks for reading, and be well!

PS – For your viewing enjoyment….


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