My Fiery Guilt

My Houston sized fire.

My Houston sized fire.

So much for going to work today.

And that’s disappointing.

I am one of those people who hate to call in sick or miss a day of work. It just makes me feel guilty, even if I have a legitimate reason to miss.

Most of my “spontaneous” days off I spend bouncing around my own brain trying to justify missing work (and most of the time failing at it). Then I feel guilty all day and do not enjoy my extra day off.

The reason I share this anecdote is because I am one of those people who spend WAY too much time in their own head. I can make a mountain out of an electron. Give me enough time and I can convince myself that the universe is about to implode and it’s all because I missed work.

Instead of suffering alone in my own brain, I have decided to let it out. To blog about it and allow others to either: a) feel that they are not alone or, b) confirm their suspicions about the status of my mental well being. I am just fine with either scenario.

The truth of the matter is that it helps to “get it out”. It allows me to get out of my own mind and share my thoughts and struggles with others. It helps to read my struggles and look at them from a different perspective.

And maybe, just maybe, by doing so I will allow myself to enjoy the fire roaring and my cozy, cuddly puppy dogs. Perhaps I should be thankful for days that allow me to slow down. After all, it was only yesterday I was telling my wife about how worn down I have been feeling.

In today’s post, I do not have any grand solutions, advice, or tips and tricks. All I have is me. And I hope that I have encouraged someone who struggles within their own mind, like I do in mine, to open up and share that struggle. It can be with pen and paper, or laptop, or a conversation over coffee or tea, but just opening up and sharing can give a sense of freedom. It allows me to sense freedom from the guilt of my own making. And maybe it will do the same for you.

Thanks for reading, and be well!


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