Demons on the Boat

depression, anxiety, Italy, demons, ACT

Gondola in Venice, Italy.

There are times in life when the demons just will not go away.

Not matter how much medication, therapy, self-care, or vacations, they just refuse to leave the premises.

For some, the demons never leave. The continue to make their presence felt throughout life, sometimes in the background, but often in the foreground, being loud, obnoxious, and even scary.

These demons can consist of depression, anxiety, past abuse, self-doubt, manic episodes, family or relationship conflict, past trauma, and even voices from people in our lives who try to tear us down.

And we will, and often do, try anything to get the demons to go away, to be quite, or even just to give us momentary peace. And sometimes they do, but often times they do not.

There are many things we can do about the demons, but I want to suggest just one for now. Accept them. Accept their presence on your boat, but do not give them control. In reality, the demons have limited control over us. They can yell and scream and threaten, but they really cannot do anything to physically harm us.

And that’s the key. Once we know that secret, we take their power away from them. They no longer can control the direction of our boat. Yes, they will yell and scream and rant and rave, but they can do us no harm.

We are in control. And get to choose where to steer our boat.

This is just a quick overview of the concept of acceptance, check out the YouTube video for a great explanation as well.

Thanks for reading, and be well!


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