Stop It!


Dodepression, anxiety, purpose driven life you ever get annoyed at stop signs? I do. And often. They become especially irritating when they present themselves on every corner of a vacant street. Stopping at each one becomes a Herculean task. 

I stop nonetheless. Well, mostly. 

But my “slow rolling” is besides the point. The point is that while stopping can be an annoyance, it is also essential. And as goes the roads, so goes life. 

In life, sometimes what matters the most is not what we begin, but what we put and end to. Our progress often hinges not on our speed, but on our ability to stop and release ourselves of excess baggage. It’s the baggage the weighs us down, it’s the set of behaviors or beliefs that keep up stuck and reliving a piece of our life that we would like to move on from. 

Below I have complied a quick list of things that we might consider stopping from having a place in our lives. 

1. Stop harboring hatred. 
2. Stop engaging in self-sabotage 
3. Stop looking for completeness from others. 
4. Stop defining ourselves and our relationships by past mistakes. 
5. Stop ruminating on past injuries. 
6. Stop worry about future events that we cannot control. 
7. Stop judging ourselves by our mood states. 
8. Stop chasing momentary happiness.*
9. Stop listening to the voices that tell us we can’t. 
10. Stop giving up on our dreams. 

I could expound on each of these, but for the sake of brevity, I will resist the temptation. And in conclusion, I have a video to share from the great Bob Newhart! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading, and be well!

*I have nothing against happiness (in fact, I love to be happy!), but I believe living a purposeful life is a much greater reward than chasing that elusive and slippery state we call happiness.  



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