I’m not okay, but I will be okay”


depression, anxiety, communicationThis phrase has saved me many awkward moments. As an introvert, I prefer to work through my pain on my own first, and then if necessary, reach out to others. But my countenance and attitude gives evidence to others of my internal turmoil.

By saying, “I’m not okay, but I will be okay.”, I reassure those that care about me that I am working through something difficult at the moment, but will come out on the other side.

This phrase can be used in all manner of relationships and in a variety of situations. It allows us a way out of that quandary of choosing to either lie about our internal state, or be truthful and then spend 30 minutes reassuring others that it’s nothing serious or warding off well intentioned, but often counter productive, words of advice and suggestions.

That was often my internal battle, until I ran across this phrase: “I’m not okay, but I will be okay.” It’s both honest and reassuring. It lets the other person know that, while we are suffering in the moment, the moment will pass and we will feel better.

It is effective in allowing us to give others feedback on our internal state, yet also letting them know (and reminding ourselves) that the feelings are temporary and that we will, eventually, feel better.

I wish I could take credit for the creation of the phrase itself, but I cannot. I also wish I could remember where I ran across it, but once again my memory fails me. Suffice it to say that, while it is not of my creation, I use it as though it were.

Thanks for reading, and be well!


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