Is YouTube Considered Self-Care?

selfcare, self care, self-care

A spa day can do wonders!

I’m sitting at the computer, sucked in to video after video on YouTube, when my wife comes in and says, “Honey, you’ve been on the computer for hours.”

“Sorry,” I say, “I was just engaging in some self-care.”

YouTube as self care?

Self-care is a phrase you may have heard. While the meaning may seem straightforward, in my opinion it is often ill-defined.

Self-care is not just egocentric behavior and gluttonous consumption of items and behaviors that make us “happy”(my thoughts on happiness are coming soon, stay tuned).

Self-care is purposeful action to do what we know is good for our mind, body, and spirit. These actions may or may not be things we want to do or gain enjoyment from doing.

For example: (On a personal note), I know that I feel better, both mentally and physically, when I lay off the Twizzlers and oatmeal cream pies. Now, do I want to do this? Simple answer: no. I love Twizzlers! They’re a low-fat candy (or at least that’s what the package tells me), but the sugar and empty calories can send my mind and body into a tailspin.

I also know that I need a certain amount of sunlight per day to keep my mood up. Not something I always enjoy doing, but I know I need to.

That being said, self-care may also include things that bring us joy and contentment, such as: spending time with family, engaging in a hobby, chatting with a good friend, or playing our favorite game. These are double dippers, they are both enjoyable and provide self-care.

The overall key is that these behaviors are purposeful, we acknowledge that our body, mind, or spirit is in need of something and we take action to try to meet that need. It is focused and meaningful. Remember, self-care is great and can be a buffer against many of life’s challenges, but it is not a license to self-indulge, rather it is a plan to recharge and maintain the health of our body, mind, and spirit.

That’s my two cents! Thanks for reading, and be well!

(Below you will find an example of my self-care – watching Kawhi Leonard dunk on the Heat! Well…okay…maybe not a great example of self-care, but I couldn’t resist!) I guess it’s up to you to decide: is YouTube considered self-care?


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