Family Fall Activities

fall activities

Ginger guarding our winter herbs.

Fall is a great time to get outside with the family. The temperatures are cooler and it’s a great change up from being cooped up in the office or in school all day! (It is also a great treatment for S.A.D., see my my article on S.A.D. here.)

There are THOUSANDS of websites and list out there about fall activities to go through, just a quick Google search and you will find more than enough activities to keep you busy thought the autumnal season. But not all list are created equal, so I decided to add my two cents and provide a list of some of my favorite fall activities.


  1. Pumpkin Patch! These are great fun, especially if you can find one out side of the city limits. Many church provide pumpkin patches in town, but getting out into the country provides opportunities for hay rides and other activities. This is often an activity that is pet friendly, but always call ahead.
  2. Just go jump in a…pile of leaves! That’s right, it was fun when we were kids and is still a blast! All you need is a rake, some leaves (of course) and some energetic kids! Some dogs love it too, just check out the video below!
  3. Another oldie, but a goodie. Take a family walk! There tends to be much more movement in the neighborhoods during this time of year. It’s a great time to connect (or reconnect) with our neighbors, as well as enjoy the sight and scents of fall.
  4. Attend a high school football game. It does not even have to be one where you went to or your kids go to. Just any high school football game. The atmosphere is fun and electric, and can you really beat those 2.50 nachos made from a questionable cheese product? Just cover it in jalapeños and it will be okay.
  5. And of course pumpkin carving (or painting) has to be on the list. Fun for all and you can even use some of the pumpkin left over to make some pumpkin pies (I’ve made pumpkins with pie pumpkins and Jack O’Lantern pumpkins, the former is just a bit sweeter, but both work just fine).
  6. Apples, apples, and more apples! There are many orchards around that will allow you to go and pick your own, similar to a pumpkin patch. It’s also a great time to check out various types of apples!
  7. Tracing leaves or drawing and decorating your own leaves is a fun activity for the whole family. You can use the final products to decorate the fridge or even begin to piece together a cornucopia center piece!
  8. This one is my favorite – cooking. Fall is a great time to spend a few hours inside cooking both savory and sweet recipes. The hours spent cooking always have a great reward at the end!
  9. A fall garden is not always possible (depending on where you live), but a make-shift fall/winter garden is possible nearly everywhere. Just pick your favorite herbs and veggies and put them in pots and planters so you can move them inside when it gets too cold. We’ve kept basil alive for years at a time this way!
  10. Fall is also a time when our minds begin to turn to volunteering. Whether it is with a soup kitchen, a church, a clothing closet or for a neighbor, it is always good to get out as a family and give back to the community. (Just remember, there are a plethora of opportunities throughout the year to volunteer as well!).

Of course these are only a few ideas meant to get the creative juices flowing. Just remember the focus – family and fun!

Thanks for reading, and be well!


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